Specialised Training

Success in business requires an endless stream of innovative ideas, practical solutions, and skilled staff. Our primary asset in the field of professional services is our experienced staff.

UMS has experienced Training consultants with a mix of practical and theoretical expertise. Our instructors are all skilled trainers who enjoy teaching. Our employees possess strong technical and educational backgrounds combined with the working experience and expertise for the planning, development, and management of various training functions or activities.

Sending your staff to training may prove ineffective unless the training is specifically designed to cater for your business needs. At UMS, our course structure and comprehensive workbook manuals make it possible for us to offer you the course in the way that your company needs, without having to compromise the criteria guidelines set by the Department of Labour.

We will evaluate your company’s requirements and develop our course structure, where possible, to educate your staff for your particular work environment.

UMS is passionate about teaching people and uses a combination of videos, practical sessions and scenarios, theory sessions, discussions as well as presentations, to ensure that all learning styles are accommodated, and that it is a fun learning experience.

We are a mobile training company so we can train wherever and whenever you need us. We provide information that enables business owners and executives to make better decisions regarding their people issues (such as hiring decisions and people development skills). We also provide people skills training programs (classroom and online) and executive coaching services to enhance employees’ productivity.